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Hi Friends!

So here we are again, heading full steam ahead into the holiday season. This time of year brings warmth and joy and most of all traditions. One of the biggest in our community is the beloved Christmas Tree Lane.

With Covid 19 still wreaking havoc throughout our community and the added obstacles that have presented itself because of the pandemic we have the heart-breaking task of announcing the cancellation of the 2021 Christmas Tree Lane.

This decision came after much discussion and tons of brainstorming and after much consideration we found it best to cancel this year.

The board is bummed, to say the least.


However, we still have opportunities, Covid opportunities as I like to call them. The silver lining is we get a whole year to plan for the 70th anniversary celebration of our friends at Santa Claus Incorporated and plan to have the jolliest of celebrations to “cheers” to their community success. We’re excited to start dreaming of 2022.


Even though CTL is cancelled Christmas is NOT and we still have work to do! Last year YOU performed a miracle and generously gave so that thousands of children could feel the spirit of Christmas in their home. That spirit surrounded them in the middle of a scary year. So much uncertainty surrounded us, and many children felt the hardships of their families more than ever before.  The needs are great but the need for lifted spirits is even greater! Together we can do that! Together we can impart giving hearts and help manifest the holiday spirit in the homes of our underserved children. If we can lend some kindness and holiday magic imagine the cheer that would fill our community! Friends let’s make some holiday magic! Let’s join together and be holiday heroes so that once again, the little faces in our community can wake Christmas morning with anxious hearts to experience the love that each of you has given to a child so deserving.

Holiday mailers will go out at the end of November, consider making a donation and sparking joy!


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