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Hi Friends...

Think about a younger you…How well do you remember Christmas mornings? Would you run to the tree anxiously waiting to open your special delivered gift from Santa?


My younger self had very quiet Christmas mornings, just me and my mom. I would quietly wake up and walk to our tree to see if there were any gifts left by Santa and with childlike disappointment when there wasn’t. Santa never stopped at my house and I was never sure why. I just figured he must have missed my house or maybe there were just too many children that year, or…heaven forbid…I was bad. But in my heart I knew. It was too much to ask that my mom bless me with something for Christmas and for Santa to stop also. I never wanted my mom to feel bad.


But something special would happen about a week or two later. We would visit my mom’s friend for a post-Christmas get together and she always had a small gift bag waiting for me and in the most beautiful writing it would say “To: Jamie, From: Santa”. My heart would practically burst!!

I would open it up and it was always some beautifully crafted item you’d find at a local craft expo. I knew he didn’t forget about me, I just knew it! Maybe Mrs. Claus just needed a few more days to finish making this special gift. That had to be it, It truly was special, it was something you couldn't find in stores…THIS was just for me.


Now I’m just a big kid and fellow Santa believer with children of my own. And on Christmas Eve you’ll catch me searching the skies and listening for sleigh bells, because I know that Santa would never forget me or ANY other child because he never disappoints.


This is why the work we do is so important, it ensures all the little hearts in our community will burst with joy on Christmas morning because Santa stopped just for them! Your contribution is what brings this magic to local homes. Your help is what brings smiles to all those children who stay up late on Christmas Eve to sneak a peek at Santa.


I’m so thankful to serve this community and I thank YOU for joining FSCI in this mission. We can’t do this without your support, and we sincerely thank you for your yearly commitments to helping us spread that joy of Santa throughout our community all year long.


Friends...Let us never forget to search the skies and let us never stop believing in magic.


Your Friend, FSCI Board President,


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